Community CVS is a qualified Advisor for the national Investing in Volunteers Quality Standard . You can view information about the standard here;

We are also developing a more basic and free Volunteer Charter or kitemark for the borough (based on the key principles listed below) that will be launched in 2016 and any group that involves volunteers will be able to sign up to this.

These are the key principles for involving volunteers:

  • Equality – Volunteering is open to all. Volunteers are treated with fairness.
  • Expenses – Travel, or out of pocket expenses are reimbursed.
  • Induction – Volunteers are introduced to their organisation and ethos, and feel confident in their role.
  • Involvement – Volunteers have influence and feel involved in the wider organisation
  • Personal Development – Volunteers have training and development opportunities.
  • Resolving difficulties – Volunteers are aware of how to raise a concern, and how it will be handled.
  • Reward and Recognition – The organisation shows that it values volunteers’ contribution.
  • Safety – Volunteers are protected from physical and emotional harm and are covered by insurance.
  • Support – volunteers have a named person for regular support or supervision.

Download ‘Involving Volunteers Guide (2010)

For detailed information and guidance on involving volunteers you can download our ‘Involving Volunteers’ Guide (2010)

For further information on a range of issues around managing volunteers you can click here:

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