Community CVS has had positive feedback from many community and voluntary groups, professionals, service users and volunteers.

What our service users say

The support I was given helped me build my confidence so I could move forward.

I feel that I am ready to look into college or work which I hadn’t seen as a possibility a few months ago.

I now have hope for a brighter future. I’ve got my life back on track.

Feel so much more positive and motivated in my life, thank you for your help.

This has kept me going. It’s given me hope to see what’s out there.

Volunteering has helped get me out of the house and meeting new people. I feel confident enough now to move forward and get back into employment and join in activities within the local community.

Volunteer Centre is friendly and approachable and has helped me to get involved in volunteering in my community and to feel safe and secure doing it.

I feel more confident and comfortable around people and talking to people and just being in Blackburn.

Without Volunteering on Prescription I would have just got worse, talking to Donna and finding out that there was so much on offer, I am now learning about computers and going to the gym.

Every day I actually want to get out of bed now because I know I am helping people who need me.

I really didn’t think anyone would take me seriously as a volunteer because of my mental health problems. I really wanted to help others who had experienced the same… thanks to Volunteering on Prescription I am now booked in for training with a view to helping others. I feel better about me.

Volunteering has saved my life.

What our Community CVS volunteers say

Having been out of work for 11 years volunteering has given me my confidence back, helping out has really made me feel accepted, there are so many different people and so much help and advice out there, it’s amazing!

The whole experience has been a very positive one, when I became involved with CVS I wasn’t in the best place having just lost my dad, I have now found a new purpose in life – without the help & support of CVS I wouldn’t be doing something I love.

Volunteer Centre is friendly and approachable.

Bringing people together from different backgrounds is a great idea.

What an absolutely amazing project.

Glad to be part of something amazing.

VOICE should be rolled out everywhere, every town should have a VOICE.

What health professionals say

Thank you Volunteering on Prescription for all your support, we have been looking for support for ██████ for a very long time and we cannot thank you enough for finding the perfect community navigator. ██████ has now found a new lease of lifewe cannot thank you enoughcarry on the good work.

Thank you for the service provided by Community CVS for my patient. She was matched up to a person who is very like-minded to herself. The confidence this treatment has given my patient gave her the courage to go out alone in a taxi for the first time in four years. This has impacted tremendously on her mental and emotional state. Thank you so much.

– Katie Cain, Community Staff Nurse, West District Nurses

Volunteering on Prescription provides an opportunity to respond effectively and at an early stage to symptoms of mental distress. Social prescribing helps to reducing social exclusion, both for disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable populations in general. Our doctors think this is a wonderful pathway for patients suffering with mild to moderate depression and anxiety to interact with friendly people. The Doctors at our surgery highly recommend this service to all our patients.

– GP Practice Manager

What people from voluntary and community groups say

CVS have always been most supportive in all areas.

Very much value working with CVS Team and their ideas, professional approach and engagement with partner organisations.

Bulletin is very informative and well presented.

– feedback on our e-bulletin (subscribe here).

Was new to volunteer management when I came into post – really valued the extent and standard of support from the CVS.

Brilliant source of information and really helped when developing own volunteer resources and guidelines.

I always enjoy popping into The Boulevard Centre and always feel welcome.