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You matter – and we’re here to help you achieve your goals and reach your potential.

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Who we are

We are a membership based organisation which exists to promote, develop and support voluntary and community action in the Borough of Blackburn with Darwen and across Lancashire.

Our strategic objectives

  • Support: helping people to access services and improve their quality of life
  • Action: empowering people and organisations to achieve inclusive, sustainable growth
  • Resource: connecting, funding and developing the VCFSE Sector
  • Volunteer: improving volunteer experiences by developing a quality volunteer eco-system

Our values

  • Community Stewardship: valuing service to the community over self-interest and believing everyone with a locality has a responsibility to support positive social change for people living there and for future generations.
  • Co-operation: valuing people and organisations collaboratively working together for the benefit of our communities.
  • Fairness: valuing social justice, equality and solidarity, striving to make a more equal society as a way of supporting the social, economic and environmental well-being of everyone within our communities.
  • Voluntary Action: valuing people and organisations giving their time freely to help other people within our communities.
  • Willing to Listen, Learn & Innovate: valuing a willingness to try new ideas and try new approaches to tackling some of the deep-seated socio-economic and environmental challenges that our communities face.

How we do this

  • Inspiring people & organisations to action: through volunteering, through donating money or resources to make a positive contribution to the life of the community
  • Connecting people & organisations across all sections of society: helping to create the social networks across our communities and sectors to instigate positive change
  • Influencing decision makers: to listen to local residents, charities, community groups and social enterprises, who have a voice to shape key decisions about the local community
  • Developing the capabilities of existing organisations to have a bigger impact within our communities and helping new businesses, charities and social enterprises to set up in response to local needs
  • Targeting our support to the most vulnerable within society and the more deprived neighbourhoods within our community