Community CVS aims to provide its members, organisations and individuals with the best possible service. We welcome your feedback whether it is positive or less positive so please let us know if you have any complaints, comments or compliments. These will be reviewed appropriately and when required our service will be reviewed, and adapted to achieve improvements.

Comments and Compliments Procedure

If you wish to make a comment or compliment about our service our Comments, Compliments and Complaints form can be used or alternatively let us know your views by letter or e-mail. The form is available on the website or in reception. Service users will be able to make comments or give compliments in confidence and remain anonymous should they wish to. Community CVS commits to reviewing all comments, and compliments with a view to improving our services. Both the management team and the trustees will receive reports highlighting your comments, suggestions and compliments.

Complaints Procedure

We recognise that from time to time there may be occasions when users of our services feel that the quality or level of service provided falls short of what they could reasonably expect.

The goodwill and support of all stakeholders is valued and if therefore you have a complaint to make, we would like you to tell us about it. If you wish to make a complaint about our service our Comments, Compliments and Complaints form can be used or alternatively let us know your complaint by letter or e-mail. The form is available on the website or in reception.

We require all complaints to be made in writing* with your name, a contact address, e-mail or telephone number. Your complaint will be treat in confidence and you will need to use the procedure below:

  1. The complaint should be made in writing, by email, by letter or via the Community CVS Comments, Complaints, Compliments form available in reception or on our website, addressed to the Chief Executive Officer who will acknowledge in writing within 7 working days of the receipt of any complaint.
  2. The Chief Executive Officer shall instigate an investigation into the circumstances leading to the complaint either personally or by an appointed officer.
  3. The Chief Executive Officer or their appointed officer shall communicate the results of any investigation to the complainant within a reasonable time – usually 21 working days.
  4. Should the complaint relate to the Chief Executive Officer, the complaint should be made directly to the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees who will instigate an investigation into the circumstances and communicate the results of the investigation within a reasonable time – normally 21 working days.
  5. The complainant shall have the right – if dissatisfied with the results of the inquiry – to appeal to the Chair of the Board of Trustees. The appeal must be lodged in writing within five working days of receiving the results of the investigation.
  6. The Board of Trustees shall be regularly informed by the Chief Executive or their appointed officer, of the number and nature of any complaints and the outcome.
  7. Where appropriate Community CVS shall make a written apology (signed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees) to the complainant.

*Should you require assistance with putting your comment, compliment or complaint into writing one of our staff members will be able to assist with this and will record what you want to say for you, read it back to you word for word and ask you to sign the statement to verify that it is true and accurate in your own words.

This policy can be made available in large print. Please contact us on 01254 583957, email or speak to one of the staff in reception.

Date Adopted: 23rd September 2017
Next Review: September 2019

Contact Information

To write to Community CVS, please use the following address:-
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Cathedral Quarter
45 Railway Road

To e-mail Community CVS please use