Sometimes it can feel daunting to be a volunteer organiser or manager– you may also be a volunteer yourself with a lot of other responsibilities and demands in your personal or working life. Connecting with others who have similar responsibilities can be the best way to get support, affirmation and brilliant ideas.

Community CVS is all about connecting people and we can provide you with lots of opportunities.  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Come to our network meetings where you will meet other volunteers, volunteer managers and people from a wide range of agencies in the borough. If you have a problem to solve or need ideas there is always someone that can help or that will be able to point you in the direction of somebody else who can help.
  • Sign up for e-bulletins from Community CVS. There are regular items about events or new groups in the borough and opportunities may come up for you to go to events to meet and link up with others in your area.
  • During Volunteers Week Community CVS coordinates events across the borough throughout the week where there are opportunities for you to connect with other volunteer coordinators or volunteers. Contact for more information.
  • Twitter is a great way to get in touch with all the volunteer managers who’re already there, sharing ideas. If you’re not sure where to start send a quick ‘Hello’ to @vmmovement and you’ll soon be in touch with lots of friendly followers.
  • – The other platform that has been central in bringing together Volunteer Managers is This is where you’ll find blogs for Thoughtful Thursdays run by the VM Movement. On Ivo you’ll also find other sector related blogs and news, and maybe even find the space to write your own.  It also offers social networking, so you can keep updated with those you follow, and join groups to discuss themes.
  • UKVPMs If you’re looking for Volunteer Managers on the web UKVPMsis another great place to start. This is a Yahoo group, running since 1999 where you can post on topics related to the management of volunteers in the UK. UKVPMs was set up by Rob Jackson, who’s own blog is also a must read if you’re interested in VM.
  • Book a volunteer manager surgery session. We can point you in the direction of similar organisations or groups who will be supportive and willing to share information and ideas with you. Email –


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