Community CVS, along with partners from all sectors delivering Health and Social Care, has been involved in the development of a Volunteer Learning Passport specifically for volunteers in health and social care. We have been working on the Volunteer Project with ‘Together A Healthier Future’, the Integrated Health and Care Partnership for Pennine Lancashire.

The aim of the passport is to allow volunteers to work across multiple voluntary organisations without having to repeat the same basic training.  It is provides initial basic training to volunteers who are involved in health and social care and is free to ANY volunteer involving group in Pennine Lancashire.

Volunteer managers can also access the modules to verify that volunteers have completed them. We advise that Volunteer Managers ensure that volunteers receive role specific ‘top up’ training that is specific and appropriate to your own organisation as these modules are basic and generic.

The online training covers six training sessions:

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Data Security Awareness
  3. Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  4. Safeguarding Adults
  5. Safeguarding Children
  6. Fire Safety

Please use the following guidelines to access the training:

If you need help accessing the training or want to know more about the Volunteer Learning Passport or ‘Together a Healthier Future’ please email: