2023 is a new year and we have introduced new rules and a new form for the Blackburn with Darwen Community Fund.

  • Change One: Maximum £1000 grant for what your project needs.
    We have done away with the maximum of £500 for running costs and £500 for equipment.  You can now apply for £1000 and spend the whole of the grant on project running costs or the whole £1000 on the grant on equipment or a combination of both.  You decide what is needed that fits your project. You also do not have to apply for £1000 – apply for what you need – then other groups can benefit as well.
  • Change Two: You are only allowed a maximum of £1000 in grant in any one calendar year.
    The funders want as many groups across Blackburn with Darwen to benefit from the funds as possible.  Therefore, they are restricting the maximum any organisation can receive to £1000 per calendar year (January to December).  This means you need to plan what you will need over the year and prioritise where you want to use the grant.  You can choose to apply for the full £1000 in a single grant application for the full year and manage the money over the year (to cover whatever you may want to do in the summer or at Christmas, etc.). Alternatively, you can apply for £500 for the first part of the year and apply again for another £500 for the 2nd part of the year.  It is up to you – but the maximum you can be awarded in any single calendar year is £1000.

Hope this is clear.  The deadline for the next round is 12 noon on Monday 13th February and the dates for the rounds during the rest of the year are available here. Good luck with your applications.

(Photo via Getty Images iStock).