We’d love to hear about what inspires you about volunteering – we think this is one of the best ways to convince people to get involved. You don’t have to answer all of the questions – just answer the ones relevant to your experience and please feel free to add any other thoughts or experiences that are important to you. If you’d prefer to do this as an interview rather than writing this down, please let us know and we would be happy to come out and speak to you.

We’ve developed a sample questionnaire to let you know the kind of things we’d like to understand about you/your volunteer(s) and your/their volunteering. You can copy and paste the questionnaire below (or download a Word version from here). Please submit your answers or preference for an interview to Kate.lee@communitycvs.org.uk

Thanks so much!

Your name

Email address

Telephone number

Volunteer’s full name (if you are answering on someone else’s behalf)

Volunteer’s age


Name of group you/they volunteer with

What volunteer role do you/they do?

What does it involve?

What skills did you/they bring to the role?

How long have you/they been volunteering for?

How did you/they first get involved/find out about the role?

What was the first task you/they were given?

Why did you/they want to get involved as a volunteer?

What do you/they love about your role?

How have you/they benefited from volunteering?

Would you/they recommend volunteering to others?


Do you/they think others that you/they volunteer with have benefited in different way? If so how?

What’s your/their favourite volunteering memory?

What song best sums up your/their volunteering experience?

What would you/they say to someone who was unsure about whether to take part in volunteering?

Anything else you want to add!

Please upload a photograph of you/your volunteering

If you are filling this form on someone else’s behalf, please indicate that you have their permission to use their information in this way

Please indicate by ticking the boxes that you/they are happy with the following:

o You/they agree that this information can be used on the Community CVS website and associated Community CVS social media to promote volunteering

o You/they agree that these case studies can be distributed to local media and used on the NCVO website to promote volunteering

(Picture: cottonbro studio via Pexels).