Community CVS has developed a Volunteer Bank in order to support organisations seeking volunteers in the borough.

We have a pool of over 90 volunteers who from April to October 2015 gave over 23,500 hours voluntary support to Community CVS projects and other community groups.

Community CVS volunteers have been through induction training and have already been DBS checked. We identify and match volunteers skills so that they can be appropriately deployed to where they are most needed. We support individuals who are part of the Volunteer Bank with personal development and employability development.

Supporting local services

Volunteers from our Volunteer Bank are already supporting local services including Lancashire Women’s centres, Crime Reduction Initiative (Inspire), Thomas, Red Rose Recovery, Moorland View and Old Gates Care Homes, VOICE, Care Network Social Inclusion Football, Mill Hill Community Centre and Nightsafe.

By offering this to groups and organisations seeking volunteers,  we aim  to support asset based community development in the borough and get more people involved in community based initiatives, eventually giving them the skills and motivation to set up initiatives of their own.

Get in touch

Please contact Steve Foden for further information – 01254 583957 or email


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