Community CVS is working with and developing VOICE  –  a small community group which is run solely by volunteers. VOICE runs a breakfast club on a Saturday and has recently started up a Sunday club.

Our volunteers are a mix of people who have a great empathy with those living in chaos. Our volunteers have been trained via the Community CVS Fast 4wd project and use the skills they have gained to help with whatever problems arise on the day.

The Saturday breakfast club is a place where service users/homeless or people complex needs can access a safe environment to have a hot meal, talk to our mentors about any issues they may be having and be signposted to the relevant agencies to help tackle their problems. Our mentors will signpost these people to Community CVS where they can access all areas which are relevant to them.

The Sunday family club has only been running for 6 weeks but has picked up momentum. The aim of the Sunday club is to enable families to access support from our trained mentors, get signposted to agencies that are relevant to any issues they may need help with. It is a very friendly and safe environment. We provide a healthy breakfast for all, activities for the kids and any support they need as families or individuals.

VOICE also holds one off events to help families from different backgrounds engage with one another. This helps to eradicate the stigma which is attached to people in addiction/recovery.

If you like support from VOICE or to take part in any of its activities please contact:

Marselle Davies – / 01254 583957

VOICE service user quotes

Great day, lots of laughter.

Made a couple of new friends.

Had a right good laugh.

Got me out of the house really enjoyed it.

Want to get involved with VOICE, great community group.

Bringing people together from different backgrounds is a great idea.

I didn’t know that people who had so many problems (alcohol/drugs) could be just like me.

Definitely going to get involved next year.

Spoke to a couple of people who are like me, quite isolated, I met some new friends and exchanged phone numbers.

Nice people, nice food go VOICE.

Definitely interested in getting involved with VOICE.

Going to go on the next events organised by VOICE, great group of people.

Good to see Kate Hollern getting involved with a group like VOICE.

Looking forward to attending more events.

Volunteer Quotes

Gives me more experience to gain employment.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills.

Having fun.

Volunteering has saved my life.

The comradery amongst staff and volunteers is amazing.

I was supported by everyone.

I love giving something back.

Volunteering helped me move on to employment but still volunteer.

VOICE is amazing.

Lots of opportunities regarding training.

Love helping the clients.

Having been in a dark place myself it’s rewarding helping others.

It’s like a family.

Love the open door policy.

VOICE should be rolled out everywhere, every town should have a VOICE

A fine project to be part of.

Spoke to some other volunteers that were quite isolated like me, was good to meet them.

What an absolutely amazing project.

Glad to be part of something amazing.

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