VOICE Breakfast Club have just received £600 from the ASDA Foundation Empowering Local Communities Fund.

ASDA Blackburn’s Community Champion, Lynne Kozlowski, sponsored the application after volunteering with the group.

VOICE have been serving Saturday breakfasts to the Borough’s homeless and socially isolated for over 10 years, the majority of which has been at Nightsafe’s Platform 5 Day Centre (part of Community CVS’s Boulevard Centre) on Railway Road, Blackburn.

They are wholly run and administered by volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds but united in the aim of providing help to those who need it most.

Lorraine Morrison, Chair of VOICE and Saturday Volunteer said “The service we provide is essential because the majority of those who attend are little known to Statutory or Commissioned Services. They can be a little mistrustful of those Services so we provide a link for them once we have gained their trust. There is no pressure on attendees to engage with services; breakfast isn’t conditional upon it but if they do need extra help, we can often be best placed to provide it.

The cost of living crisis bites hardest on the Breakfast Club attendees so any help we receive is truly appreciated. We can’t thank the ASDA Foundation enough.”

Photograph left to right: Geoff Wilkinson (Secretary) Liz McKeown, Lynne Kozlowski ( ASDA Community Champion), Lorraine Morrison (Chair), Benedict Gavin, Miffy Clegg (Vice Treasurer)

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