Recently, Paul from The Contenders Boxing Club popped into the Boulevard Centre to present our Staff members Miffy and Marselle with a beautiful bunch of flowers to thank them for their continued support.

Paul who is a boxing coach came to CVS to enquire about applying for funding from the Community Asset Fund.

Paul wanted to put on free boxing classes for those in the Recovery community. Paul is passionate about boxing and knows how beneficial it can be to improving peoples mental and physical health and all-round wellbeing.

CVS staff supported The Contenders Boxing Club to become a constituted group and open a treasury account. They also supported them with the application process to the Community Asset Fund.

Paul attended the Roots Forum in April to pitch his application in front of BwD Roots Community where they had the opportunity to ask questions about the project. The Roots Forum voted unanimously to support the project and The Contenders Boxing Club was awarded £2000 part funding towards their project.

The project will start on the 4th of June in Darwen and offer 2 x 1hour sessions per week free for those in the Recovery community.

If you have an idea for a project that will benefit the Recovery community please contact Miffy for further information.