The Community Asset Fund awarded a grant to Sober Bee in October 2022

Sober Bee runs every Tuesday evening at Café Hub in Darwen from 7pm until 9pm. It’s intention is to provide a safe, clean space for those in the Recovery Community who still want to experience the Dance Scene but without the “stuff” that was associated with it.

Tasha Shugar who runs the event has always been involved with Dance Music, whether as a customer or as a DJ. She is passionate about Sober Bee and it’s potential. At the moment the Dry Rave is a mid-week event but Tasha has plans for it to better reflect the Dance Scene by hosting Monthly weekend events that have been (and still are) a key element of the The Rave. She has hopes that it will become a “talked about” event that people in the Recovery Community will be excited about and anticipate.

Tasha said “Dance Music is something that can bring people together, it doesn’t need the drugs that have been associated with it, it just needs the music and the excitement of anticipation. If we can do more to bring people out and together then that can be a massive benefit to our community.”

(Photos: Geoff Wilkinson).