After a tragic incident in February ’22, the Shad Chefs decided that they would create The Man Hub, a safe space where men could come and talk about their feelings without fear of judgement. They felt that if people could come together in a positive environment, further tragedy could be avoided.

From small beginnings, funded through their own efforts, they have grown into a group that has now attracted National attention through Russell Howard’s “Good Deeds” show.

The group is respectful of everyone’s opinions and mutually supportive if anyone is having a bad time. Whilst holding “The Ball” the men each take turns to 1) Say how their week has been 2) Talk about what has been good this week and 3) Get something off their chest that has been bothering them. The Ball means they have The Floor and their turn is respected by the whole group

Through sponsorship by No 39 in Blackburn, they then have a break with a take away which is something they value as its another way to share and come together.

Some of those attend use the group to support their Recovery because they don’t feel that the traditional ways are helping them. They collectively share in an individuals success and support those who may still struggle.

The Man Hub is a fabulous, shining example of how a Community can come together to tackle problems that an individual may find overwhelming. They know they are stronger collectively for it.

(Photos: Geoff Wilkinson).