Happy New Year from all of us at Community CVS. We hope that, together, we can make 2023 that much better for all the people in our communities.

One of the ways we feel we can achieve this is through the launch of our brand new free Community Volunteer Training Programme. Through it, we aim to grow and develop the number of volunteers who are active in our communities, providing countless benefits in all manner of ways, by giving them expert training in a wide variety of fields.

Not only will this position our volunteers to achieve more and help VCFSE organisations grow and develop, but the volunteers themselves will also have a skillset which will enable them to develop and access other opportunities – both voluntary and paid.

The training will be delivered by members of our Volunteer Centre and Fast 4wd/Recovery teams, and will be focussed on the following themes: –

Introdution to volunteering (roles and responsibilities) Confidence building Confidentiality and boundaries Communication and listening skills
Mentoring Equality and diversity Dealing with difficult behaviour Safeguarding
Working safely Data security Supporting recovery in the community Sources of support in communities

The training will be delivered over four days every two months, with the first tranche commencing on Monday 16th January.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Denise Hayhurst. To book a place, please get in touch with Marselle Davies.

(Picture by Nenad Rakicevic – details here)