Thank you to Offload Northwest for inviting Mohammed Kathrada to Nightsafe, who have received ambient food donation from Offload Northwest that the hub received from individual donors during their Monday men’s hub session. The donated food products will be used by Nightsafe as part of lunch time food preparation for young service users.

Mohammed said:

It is good to see the partnership engagement work between both projects and for Offload Northwest to engage with young people going through certain mental health and wellbeing issues by talking and sharing life skills learning.

Abdul and Sid of Offload Northwest added:

It is fantastic to meet with young people from Nightsafe over lunch and talk to them about our men’s hub and about mental health, providing reassurance to young male services there can talk in confidence without prejudice, today we brought along 3 of our regular service users from the men’s hub to share their journey through mental health and how our service has helped them.