Community CVS’s latest impact report ‘Ways to Well-being‘ contains case studies showing how support from volunteers has a huge impact of the well-being of vulnerable people.

The Ways to Well-being report demonstrates improvements across all of the 5 ways to well-being.This was an internal evaluation. It assesses the impact on the well-being of vulnerable people who received Community CVS support through our social prescribing projects: Fast 4wd and Volunteering on Prescription. It is based on 83 vulnerable people who have been supported on a one to one basis by Community CVS peer support volunteers over a time period of at least 3 months, with 31 receiving support for 6 months. Volunteers included Community Navigators from our Volunteering on Prescription Project, and Recovery Support Volunteers from our Fast 4wd Project. Vulnerable people supported included those facing multiple disadvantages including, social isolation, disability or long term conditions, substance misuse or alcohol issues, mental health issues, housing or homelessness issues, or offending backgrounds.

The report was prepared by Kate Lee, Deputy Chief Executive. If you would like to contact Kate please email: