“Very positive experience.  The venue and décor was really good. Entertainment was good.”

“Venue was lovely and the room decor was amazing, the centrepieces and table dressings especially”

“The event was well organised and flowed really well.”

“ A fantastic event, Well Done”

“thank you for a lovely evening :)”

“The venue, the deco and the entertainment were fantastic”

“Décor – perfect, Venue Perfect a good time had by all”

“Really enjoyed the evening. Like the venue – really feels like an occasion, which is quite right! It’s lovely to hear all the positive stories of people who are doing so much good in their communities. And the food and the entertainment were good (especially liked the brass band!)”

“The evening as a whole was lovely!”

“It was just a thoroughly enjoyable evening. I think the programme with all the details about the nominees is really important so that everyone can really find out why those people have been chosen. And the stories themselves are just brilliant. I don’t think anyone can have left without a smile on their faces!”

“The venue was great and the deco . the food was good and the whole evening was thoroughly enjoyable”

  “The whole event was great seeing great community action being rewarded”

“I thought it was a great evening.”

“Looking forward to the next one.  Everyone was really proud of their achievements, quite rightly…… Graham Liver does an excellent job.”

“I was surprised and very happy to receive  the award. My guests were overwhelmed to be part Community Volunteer Awards event.
Event venue and entertainment was good.”

“Keep up the good work, Well-done”

“The venue was good, the room itself was decorated very nice with a lot of time and effort put into it and the entertainment was good, I thought the evening was brilliant and I was proud to be involved and witness the great work our community does voluntarily, thanks you very much for the invite I enjoyed it”

“Deco as ALWAYS, …. MAGNIFICENT !!! Gloriously decked out, and beautifully presented”

“So pacey, professional, perfectly presented.”

“Excellent. Well organised. Seemed much better than previous years.”

“The event was extremely well organised and all ran very smoothly on the night”

“I thought the Venue was perfect, it got everyone in the room, and had space. It was decorated beautifully, and was classy and elegant.   The entertainment was good”

“The venue and decorations where amazing – felt like we were at a night at the Oscars!!! The host was brilliant.”

“Over all CVS and all who contributed to setting up did an amazing job, the night flowed extremely well – well done”

“Venue was great, food very appropriate and well served.”

“Great turnout, displays and decor lovely, Entertainment – very nice”

“Food – very nice spread and displayed well”

“Staff were great showing people to the table; your timings were good”

“We all felt honoured to have been selected as finalists and everyone felt special”

“The food was good and the venue was beautifully decorated, the balloons were a lovely finishing touch.”

“Thank you, Donna! We really enjoyed it 😊”

“We as a group were really made up about winning. It came as a big surprise when we won. It feels really good that people are recognising our work, though, and more so that people are recognising that there is a need for groups like ours.”

“The whole setting was really nice. The food was top notch. I really liked that we had entertainment from local organisations. It gave it more of a personal feel.”

“Well done on an amazing event it was a great success!”

“May I say a big thank you for the special award that I received, really appreciated it was a wonderful evening , thankyou again”

“The amazing thing about the Community Volunteer Awards is the diversity of the groups, attending and winning – its inspiring everyone working to the common goal of making Blackburn with Darwen a better place, thank you to everyone and you all deserve to win “

“I was honoured to be there, I hope to be there next year too, it was a lovely experience! -Thanks for all your hard work too.”

“It was a pleasure to contribute to a good night”

“The event was fabulous and really inspiring to see dedicated people being recognised”

“The volunteers LOVED it, it was such a lovely evening – and obviously for them to win the award was the icing on the cake!

Well done for organising such a HUGE event – you must be relieved it’s all over and you can take a breath knowing that it all went perfectly  ❤”

“Just to say how absolutely thrilled we are for Tommy’s award. He is as pleased as punch and so are we!”

“Congratulations to you and the team at CVS!”

“We thought it was a great success and vibrant occasion that brings so many people together to celebrate many aspects of our vibrant and diverse community. Thanks to you and all at CVS for the all the work you do to make it such a success.”

“It was a great evening as always made extra special with the two wins as Gary says! Well done on all your hard work,”

“You all did an amazing job last night, everyone had a great time and we’re delighted to win an awards. “

“Thank you for a fantastic evening. So humbled to see so many people making BwD a better place to live. The room looked magnificent and my family and friends were so impressed with the whole affair. Well done Donna and your team for the enormous efforts in making the evening so special.”

“Can I just say what an excellent Volunteer Awards evening we had last night, well done to yourself and everyone else involved for organizing such a successful event”

“Wonderful evening a great time had by all”

“Thank you, CVS, for recognizing the hard work of the all the volunteers”

“Donna Thanks for a lovely evening made so much more thrilling to have won an award”

“I was very surprised to be a winner and very chuffed specially to know my Colleagues think so well of me I am over the moon, my guest (the widow of Lindsay Dunn) so happy to have been present to share my joy”

“I think CVS did us proud again it was a very congenial evening and chance to catch up with friends, the atmosphere brilliant, the Deco and food was tasteful as usual, it was joy to listen to both the children choir and the brass band brought to mind Christmas and the Salvation Army”

“It was great as usual well planned and coordinated by CVS and Donna Talbot, always a pleasure to be involved with them, as usual Donna played her part effortlessly even thought she was (backstage) at this point I would like to congratulate all the winners, also thank you for CVS and their staff on a job well done”

“ The venue was lovely and well dressed”

“We loved the entertainment, the band and choir were excellent, the venue décor was really lovely”

“A very proud feeling, we started before covid with a team of 3 and now we are a team of 18.”

”They have gone through so much and something like this just supports them in their everyday lives.”

“Everybody loved everything”

“For some this was their first time and never been given an opportunity to attend an event of this calibre.”

“Regarding food, everything went so that says it all, food was really good and thoroughly enjoyed”

“Keep up the amazing work 🙂”

“The decorations were good, the event was good, started on time and finished early as well which is good for people who have kids and need to get home, nice and fast,”

“Thought the event went off very well”