We are delighted to announce that our well-received Asylum Seeker Awareness in Health & Social Care training is back for another tranche.

The free, fully-funded training, a collaboration between Community CVS and Spring North which has been developed to benefit Health & Social Care and VCFSE organisations, aims to raise awareness of the challenges and barriers Asylum Seeker face within health and social care settings.

First run in the spring of this year, the training received an average feedback score of 9.3 out of ten, and is a practical session covering the following: –

  • Recognising the challenges faced by Asylum Seekers when accessing services;
  • Creating awareness of potential discrimination faced by Asylum Seekers; and
  • Recommendations to improve access to services in medical, community & social care settings.

If you’d like to learn more or register your team, please get in touch with us!