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Farmeen’s story

Farmeen has a sight impairment and was struggling with confidence. This is because she finished studying for her degree and yet 2 years on she was still struggling to find paid employment. We suggested to her that she undertakes volunteering to gain experience and join the Circle of Friends peer support group.

We discussed her interest, skills and ability & found her a suitable opportunity to volunteer with Hospice.

Farmeen now volunteers for the East Lancashire Hospice undertaking 2 roles. In one role she works as an assistant activity coordinator and in the other role she volunteers as a reception volunteer.

Through the support of the Circle of Friends she has also accessed workshops on Employability which has helped her in updating her CV.

She is now able to write on her application that she is currently volunteering with Hospice and this has led to job interviews which in turn has boosted her confidence and sense of well-being. She feels more positive about her future now.

Through Volunteering Farmeen has said she has met new people whom she now socialises with on a regular basis.

She has also has taken part in the Your Support Your Choice transport focus group for people with disabilities, in which the group leader has said she has made a huge impact.