COVID-19 – Rummage Rescuers

As the Director of Rummage Rescuers CIC, I thought I would update you with our COVID-19 plans.

As a non-profit provider who provides crisis support to many people in BwD, our priority is to keep everyone safe during these challenging times. Customers, donators, staff and volunteers are our priority. Whilst we have been advised that as we are fund raising for the community we can carry on, we have decided against this, so we are able to say we have kept everyone as safe as they can be.

Stage 1 of COVID-19

This was actioned a week ago and the town centre store/book shop and Mill Hill shop were closed to public access.

Stage 2 of COVID-19

This was actioned a few weeks ago, all staff and volunteers were supplied with the correct PPE to keep them safe whilst at work.

Stage 3 of COVID-19

Is now active as from Thursday 26th March 2020.

Stage 3 means the following and is being supported by our amazing volunteers in their homes.


  1. Our crisis helpline is there for those who are homeless and need clothing / or are moving into their new home and require bed, cooker etc. Individuals / partner agencies please call 07734 090 281. If the line is busy, please send a text message.
  2. For advice and information, our warehouse volunteers are happy to accept e-mail referrals at
  3. Volunteers will post updates on our Facebook page.
  4. Please can partner agencies send referrals to

In these difficult times, as an organisation as ever we will continue to do our best to support those in crisis / need. Please can everyone stay safe and if you need us, our amazing volunteers are here to help.

I hope we can all support each other in the best way we can, please reach out if you need support.