The best thing that anyone can do to help NHS fight and beat coronavirus (COVID-19) right now is to stay at home.

ROSPA have launched their ‘Accident Free, Avoid A&E’ campaign, and we would like to share this with colleagues and service users across Lancashire.(  

Everyone should make sure they are looking after themselves and keeping safe from injury, wherever and whatever they are doing during the pandemic emergency.

It’s important people avoid going to A&E unless absolutely necessary, to take pressure off frontline health services. Whilst heeding the advice to stay at home, it is necessary to be aware that more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else. This is an unprecedented situation of everyone being told to stay at home, for work, school and play it is essential that we take extra care to stay safe and well.

Below are just a few links that take you to some of the many resources and support available, the campaign covers a range of topics and age groups,

please feel free to explore further.