COVID-19 – Inspire & Go2 BwD

We’re your local drug and alcohol team, supporting people across all age groups to reduce or remove problematic substances in their lives.

What kind of work are you doing with people at the moment?

We’re still supporting everyone on our caseload, it’s just being done from a distance where possible. Our key workers are calling to check in on the people on the people they support and our group workers are maintaining contact with group members with check-in phone calls, WhatsApp groups and Zoom meetings.

We prescribe people opiate substitution therapy (OST) (things like Physeptone, Methadone, Espranor) and it’s one of our top priorities in this time to maintain this and keep people stable. We are still doing new starter clinics, so even if someone is not prescribed right now, we can start them off.

Our team are still delivering outreach support (from the government recommended 2m distance!) to those we struggle to keep in touch with over the phone. We’re delivering safe storage boxes and naloxone to those who are prescribed OST.

How do we keep in touch with what’s going on?

We’d recommend you keep your eye on our Facebook & Twitter pages for the latest updates & support we’re offering. You can find us by searching InspireBwD & Go2BwD (our under 25s page) on these sites.

How can we refer to you?

Call 01254 495014, choose option 1 and speak to reception. At the moment we’re doing as many assessments over the phone as possible, so we’ll take some basic details and call you back at a time that suits you.

If you join us during this time and would like to be a part of our WhatsApp group or Zoom meetings, just mention this to your key worker and we’ll talk you through it.

Is there any other support available right now?

There are online mutual aid meetings taking place around the world every hour of the day.