COVID-19 – Information from Citizen’s Advice

If you hold a contract for services with your local authority, CCG, PCC or NHS Foundation Trust, I wanted to let you know that a Procurement Policy Notice, issued on Friday, requires all contracting authorities to:

  • Reassure ‘at risk’ service providers that they will continue to be paid as normal until the end of June – even if service delivery is disrupted or suspended
  • Ensure invoices from ‘at risk’ service providers are paid immediately on receipt
  • Consider payment in advance or interim payments
  • If your contract involves ‘payment by results’ then payment should be on the basis of average payments over the previous three months.

If this applies to you, you should contact them to make them aware of any issues you may face if payments are delayed. To qualify for immediate payments, you’ll need to agree to establish an ‘open book’ accounting system and make cost data available to the commissioner. You’ll also need to evidence that you are continuing to pay employees, any subcontractors, any delivery partners and any sub-grantees that you may have