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Case Study: H.

Thank you Volunteering on prescription for all your support, we have been looking for support for H for a very long time and we cannot thank you enough for finding the perfect community navigator. H has now find a new lease of life…we cannot thank you enough…carry on the good work!

  • Health Professional

H was referred through her GP, H had experienced domestic violence and was staying at the BWDDA refuge

At our first meeting H was unable to look me in the eyes or speak, her support worker spoke for her. She felt “scared”.

Wendy, a Community CVS volunteer, was introduced to H and they agreed to meet up every week. Initially they met up at the Boulevard Centre as H didn’t want to go out. Since then they have been out for coffee, trips to Oswaldtwistle Mills, Accrington, Blackburn town centre, “it’s great I get to see new things and learn about the area”.

H has now completed Community CVS Volunteer Passport and RAP training. She has signed up to be a Community CVS volunteer in our Volunteering on Prescription and Fast wd projects, and she is also signed up to Blackburn College for a course that starts in September.

I like Wendy ( her Community CVS support volunteer) because she’s patient and funny and explains everything to me.

I feel more confident and comfortable around people and talking to people and just being in Blackburn.

I enjoy talking to Wendy about my problems and I enjoy the company.

I have been interested in horses for a long time but I haven’t had the confidence to go and volunteer at Only Foals and Horses, Donna linked me up with a community navigator and now I can go every week. I feel much better as I was stuck in the house alone before.

I feel so inspired and motivated to volunteer.

Without Volunteering on Prescription I would have just got worse, talking to Donna and finding out that there was so much on offer, I am now learning about computers and going to the gym.

CVS is friendly and approachable and has helped me to get involved in volunteering and to feel safe and secure doing it.

CVS has been a BIG help to me.

Volunteering has taught me to be more grateful also given me the opportunity to give that bit back to the community.